a Chew & a Bite : Favorite Recipes with Chef T

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This vegan cookbook is set to provide low cost vegan meals to current vegan life individuals while also encouraging non vegans to try just a “bite”of classic veganized recipes.

Unlike most cookbooks, Chef T has incorporated a “Chew on this” page that coordinates with each recipe, listing the health benefits of ingredients used in that particular dish. The uniqueness of this cookbook doesn't stop there! An “A“Bite”to Remember” page has also been incorporated for note taking. Chef T encourages others to make personal changes to the recipe and also provides the space to record the change for future use. Unique inserts continue as this Vegan Chef expresses her “PRIDE '' by adding a tribunal dictionary/index educating and embracing the LBGT community and beyond.

a Chew & a Bite: Favourite Recipes with Chef T cookbook consist of 9 delicious recipes. Each recipe was inspired by different experiences, memories, and moments in the life of Chef T.

“ Some recipes are attached to unforgettable memories. Others envelop my passion and humbleness. a Chew & a Bite has a unique way of making your mouth water with the simplicity of ingredients, yet the complexity of unforgettable flavors. By sharing my favorite recipes and my gifts with the world, you are NOW able to recreate the same great recipes, right at home! Even though a Chew & a Bite focuses on vegan fare, the diversity of plant based and traditional

cuisines are also embraced. It is the goal of a Chew & a Bite, with me (Chef T), to heal the world through the power of food.” -Chef T

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